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Working it out with Carolina

Get the Colombian trainer’s signature shape by working it out to fan-favorite videos.


About Medellín Colombia’s best-kept Secret, CAROLINA NIETO

Carolina's workouts and diet plans are designed to increase confidence, feelings of empowerment, and improve self-esteem, while lessening stress in life. She believes that a truly sustainable lifestyle change is all about building inner power – and transforming the body by transforming the mind. Carolina’s inspiration for creating a fitness platform was her own drive to help people increase their self-esteem, self-love, and trust in themselves. By showing clients how to embrace their fitness by building both the mind and the body, she's helping them feel beautiful and capable in more than one way.



C-Fit Intro is Carolina’s most beginner-friendly training

program. With sessions perfectly calibrated for an ideal entry-level workout, you’ll be able to jump right in with Carolina as your coach. Through gentle encouragement, thoughtful nutrition, and a relatively small time commitment, clients smoothly transition into a state of better health. Workouts are generally 30 minutes in length and a light to moderate level of intensity.


In C-Fit Enhanced, Carolina’s intermediate fitness training course, clients will graduate to a more advanced workout and window into Carolina’s exclusive techniques. In workouts requiring about 45 minutes, Carolina demonstrates more sophisticated techniques for these students to grow towards even more advanced goals. Plus, learn Carolina’s best tips for optimizing nutrition to support your physical and mental growth. Intermediate workouts will require moderately intense effort from the client.



In C-Fit Proform, Carolina helps clients push the limits and take on advanced workouts to reach superior levels of fitness of both body and mind. C-Fit Proform clients can expect to work out for about 60 minutes at a high intensity when training. Carolina guides her clients through the challenges that’ll allow them to ascend to that next level. With Carolina at your side cheering you on, you’ll find yourself toning both your booty and your mind.



Featured Blog Posts by Carolina

Filled with motivational videos, workouts, and healthy recipes from a working mom,
Carolina shares how she stays fit--body, mind and soul.

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