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of CaroniFIT® is a model and trainer in  Miami, Florida creating videos and coaching  women through their fitness journeys. 

Originally from Medellín, Colombia where she began her career as a model in 2009, Carolina moved to Miami in 2017 at the age of 29. That’s where Carolina stepped into the next phase of her career as an influencer on Instagram, where she’s garnered over 200,000 followers. Since moving to Florida, she's released a plethora of successful workout videos and trained together with influencers and celebrities. 


Carolina’s inspiration for creating a fitness platform was her own drive to help people increase their self-esteem, self-love, and trust in themselves. By showing clients how to embrace their fitness by building both the mind and the body, she's helping them feel beautiful and capable in more than one way.


People of every age can benefit from these videos and training sessions – they're for a range of fitness levels, with one-on-one coaching from Carolina to design your specific path. With sessions customized to each client's varied abilities and skill level, Carolina meets her clients where they are in order to help them change habits in a sustainable way. Training sessions can last 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the client's goals, age, desired number of sessions per week, and capabilities. The workouts can range from easy to moderately hard, to strenuous.


Carolina also coaches her clients in optimizing their daily diets. A proponent of intuitive eating – the practice of listening to your body to know intuitively what to eat – Carolina doesn’t recommend restricting any foods or cutting out entire food groups. As long as you exercise moderation, Carolina believes that all foods are good.


Carolina's workouts and diet plans are all designed to increase confidence, feelings of empowerment, and improve self-esteem, while lessening stress in life. She believes that a truly sustainable lifestyle change is all about building inner power – and transforming the body by transforming the mind. 


Recognizing the pressure to conform to certain looks and ideals, particularly while going through life changes such as pregnancy and divorce, Carolina started to see that with self-introspection, working out can help improve feelings of security about the self. To Carolina, the key was understanding that there will always be weaknesses and challenges in fitness – just as in life.

Through fitness, she was able to discover herself again and see that she was strong enough to overcome the challenges life sent her way.


“It's a little painful, but life sometimes is painful, and sometimes, you have to go through that pain in order to achieve your goals,” she says. “If you're not willing to step outside of your comfort zone, it can be hard to see any change. You need to have that voice telling you that you can do it.”


Carolina's biggest inspiration is her 10-year-old daughter. Outside of the gym, she loves to meditate, stretch, skate, read, study new research, and watch movies.

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